Genital warts due ot masturbation

Aug 4, - hi im 14 years old and i dont no if i have genital warts iv got some spots around the tip of my penis but only small lumps.I have not had sexual intercorse and i masturbate every day and just wondering if it causes genital warts? This topic is answered by a medical expert. Masturbating and spread of warts in body Desiree. Age: 30. Hey Fellas! WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. fills you in on the topic, can you get genital warts from masturbating with a wart on your hand, with a wealth of fact sheets, expert advice, I was diagnosed with genital warts, being treated on third round of acid. more new warts keep coming back every 3 months. View More HIV/AIDS-Related TopicsĀ». Evelyn. Age: 27. ???? Party Friendly???? Masturbating and spread of warts in body The short answer is yes there's a small risk of catching genital warts by masturbating shortly after fingering a sexual partner. Most genital warts are caused by two types of the human papillomavirus (HPV): HPV-6 and HPV Current research from the University of Hawaii suggests that HPV can be transmitted by the. Oct 7, - Ok so here goes nothing. I was sitting in my bed about to masturbate, when I pulled down my pants, I say some kinda red bump. I freaked out thinking this may be genital warts. I have not have sex yet.

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Franziska. Age: 25. no texting Jan 6, - The unspoken TRUTH about masturbating with genital warts and the devastating effect this can have on your body. 4. How to tell your partner you have Caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), genital warts are spread primarily through sexual contact. Currently, researchers have discovered over. Oct 20, - Can masturbating make warts worse? Also can you spread HPV from your genitals to your face, hands or mouth if you forget to wash your hands? Jun 10, - and if you are a virgin then those are not warts! and hand warts can not transmit from hands to genital area and genital warts can not transmit to hands . when I had not been sexually active in any way and had a rash like thing happen with small bumps that was caused due to a type of vaginal infection.


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