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Oct 8, - THANKS FOR WATCHING GUYS. I DID NOT MEAN TO TRICK YOU INTO WATCHING IT, JUST DECIDED I WILL MAKE FUNNY VIDEO TO MAKE YOU GUYS LAUGH. Error (Forbidden) Rachele. Age: 23. I speak two languages fluently and am at ease with different cultures I've thought about trying it but I'm terrified of sticking a razor somewhere I can't see. I was almost overwhelmed when I read that there are so many other women with a hairy butt on here!!!!!!!!! I think I really noticed mine when I was about 20 and I have to say it didn't really bother me unless I was in a relationship, thats when the veet,immac,nair and all those other smelly products came out of. Sierra. Age: 25. I take immense care of myself and my appearance, which is evident in my pictures too MODERATORS Rather then, would you continue dating a lady with hairy "ass cheeks" if you later found out they had hairy "ass cheeks". Report as inappropriate. 9/23/ Cesar D. Lennox, CA. 18 friends; 22 reviews. ive seen women with more facial hair than the average bear, I mean man, lol & no this was not at a Carnie-show either. Mar 8, - And even then it only lasts a day or so before my smooth ass crack feels completely normal. I like anal play, giving and recieving. I absolutely love it when a woman gets in there and eats my ass. I also love it when she wants to play with toys. I don't eat hairy ass so I'd never ask her to. The smoothness  Do guys care if a woman has ass hairs? Do they even.

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Paris. Age: 28. Yet among all that beautiful lucre, you found me hi, i have a very embarrassing problem. im 18 and i have a hairy bum and i just wanted to know what i can do about it apart from shaving and waxing because it will only grow back female with hairy bum .. hi why u gils u need to remove hair from your butt i think u are soo sexy like that i wich to have wife with hairy butt. Well hair is known to grow there, and yes even on a woman, if she shaves then what is the problem, now if she lets it get bushy then say something to her, but long as she shaves well i have a hairy ass so what is the big deal i keep it clean. and yes women does have hair there i dont care what they say. My ex had a hairy crack. Just like a patch of 3 hairs jus above starfish but didn't notice till felt it on me Tongue Thinkin of that made it so fhuckin easy to forget about her. Fhuckin gross man I lol at the next guy that gets her. didn't notice? were you licking her ass in the dark or something i bet you cleaned all  Normal for girls to have hairy butthole? What about.


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