22-250 penetrate kevlar

This is a 35gr NTX bullet going ~ fps fired into a Level IV ceramic body armor plate from. Which rifle will penetrate a bullet proof vest? - Survivalist Forum Gianna. Age: 29. European elite courtesan who knows how to behave and dress in public, the finest dinning... And then teasing and pleasing in bed (or other place of your preference ;-) Harmless Drudge Weed 'em and reap. Jul 6, - Clearly the only answer is a mm 24″ barreled bullpup that can magically penetrate level V future armor from 1,m away using soft steel cored ammo. Anonymoose. But will it stop an SVDK? James Kachman. Huh? Where did you see being tested here? I'd be interested to see a plate that can. Skin. Age: 28. Extra service: Can Anything Defeat a Level IV Plate Body Armor? Jan 17, - This astounded even Ackley who therorized that the bullets high rotational spin had a lot to do with penetration. The rotational spin was a fantastic . In all honesty, for people that don't handload, there isn't much difference between the Swift and the Just for some reason, either buyers or  Is hollow point less likely to penetrate body armor? May 26, - What kind of energy is needed to penetrate Class I, II, III, and IV body armour anyways? SOTIC tested the M round against 13 layers of Kevlar (ppan.infoation tests/comparison on, , exc?

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Angelica. Age: 23. My e-mail: nita Mar 25, - That being said, I KNOW that all the rounds that I fired were pistol rounds and the question was about rifle rounds. Soft armor will not typically stop rifle caliber rounds. To stop rifle rounds, you need steel or ceramic plates (that equals heavy, heavier at least). Kevlar, Spectra and the other aramids just can't. bjones July 27, , PM. The reason I'm asking this question, is because I might have an opportunity to purchase police armor (bullet proof vest) soon. Will a pierce what police wear? What rounds will it stop? Thanks! Dec 5, - Does anyone know where i can getlr armor piercing ammo and does it even exist how much steel could it penetrate??? . One day after I has slipped and dropped my , I placed a paper target on some rebar sticking out of the pillbox and fired a 10 round group at yards with some Sierra


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