Adult smelly armpits even after shower

Aug 29, - Do you have smelly armpits even after showering? When you eat cabbage, broccoli, and other sulfur-rich foods, the sulfur is broken down into compounds that smell like rotten-eggs and are later secreted through your pores. So no matter how much you clean your underarms, the smell will still seep through  Missing: adult. What Your Body Odor Says About Your Health | Prevention Aza. Age: 24. Deepthroat Another option is a type of surgery called endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy ETS , which uses keyhole surgery to destroy the nerves that control sweating. Finally, an overactive thyroid can cause the body to smell due to the increase in sweat due to the hyper function of the thyroid gland. Thyroid dysfunction has many . I have had incredibly painful shoulders and have never been one who sweats but have noticed odor right after showering even. Just wondering how you are. Sammi. Age: 30. What is the best way to enjoy a hot day or night than with an enchanting lady to play with? 7 Causes of Chronic Body Odor Even After Bathing Jan 27, - Most people use roll-ons after showering, and they end up sweating shortly after, causing a substantial amount of roll on to end If you have some favorite garments that you can't bear to throw away, but you notice that they start to smell soon after you put them on, even though they have been laundered,  Why do my armpits smell even after showering? Complete information about Body Odor, including signs and symptoms; contributing risk factors; recommendations.

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Roxanne. Age: 27. i am a high class escort in frankfurt germany Apr 23, - You're simply not washing properly, it's happened to all of us after a quick shower. For me I notice a lot of roll on deodorant is very strong and sticks to the skin even after a shower - leaving the stink it carried. The key is to use a soft/med wash brush with warm water to help wash those stinker areas better. Apr 28, - So after trying A LOT of "all natural" or hypo-allergenic deodorants and living through the horror of smelling like something died in my pits for a month or so, I came out unscathed on the other I've read that hormone imbalances in women, even slight imbalances can cause changes in armpit/body odor. Body odour is the unpleasant smell produced by bacteria on the skin that break down the acids in your sweat. use a deodorant or an antiperspirant – after bathing or showering; regularly shave your armpits – this allows sweat to evaporate quicker, giving bacteria less time to break it down; wear natural fibres, such as wool.


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